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Aino Products

Aino products are intended for the various area of homecare. Aino is a product group for keeping the home clean and tidy. It focuses extensively on maintaining orderliness in such a way that the result is a clean and tidy home. The best known Aino products are vacuum storage bags, brushes for dishwashing, sweeping brushes, framed mops and board washers.

Aino products are superior by far as regards value for money. Special attention has been paid to quality so that consumers are optimally satisfied with their purchases. We develop our Aino products with an eye to feedback received from consumers and retailers, whose opinions are greatly esteemed.

If you are interested in retailing Aino products, please contact our sales office. We shall be happy to tell you more about our ranges.

Aino vacuum bags

Aino vacuum bags are a handy help at home for storing things and keeping them for longer periods of time. Using these bags you will save up to 75% on space. The product is based on a vacuum, and superfluous air is extracted from the bag using a normal vacuum cleaner. This serves to compact the textiles and space is saved. The bags protect your product from damp, mould, smells and insects and they also withstand frost. Ask your retailer about them!

Aino dishwashing brush

The Aino dishwashing brush won the test by the TV consumer programme Kuningaskuluttaja for value-for-money